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The Uprise Academy SE ASIA 2019 Tribe Members 
Time Sharing Program

You’ve been part of my dream since the beginning and I know we share vision, values and the need of generating a positive impact in the world, that's why we are only opening shares for our tribe for now.

There are 30 shares available at 2000€ equivalent to 15 days stay every year, for 5 years (with the option to invest for another 5 years once it's finished), and if for some reason you can't make it in a given year, receive a dividend instead.

You contribute this once, for a “El Refugio Coworking & Coliving” timeshare, which means:

  • Stay for 15 days a year, for 5 years with a chance of renew it for another 5 years after.

  • In a twin shared room, or a single private when available.

  • 2 shares get you a double private room, or 1 months shared stay every year and so on.

  • Shares can be sold or transferred

What you also get by being timeshares owner.

Come for sustainable vacations

Get to the house by bus or car. It's remote and rural but well-connected. Take a slow vacation!

Receive a dividend

When you can't stay at the house in a given year, your spot can be used by a lovely guest, generating a surplus for the community and a dividend for you, Shares can be sold or transferred! Win-win even though we'll miss you!

Have a home away from home

A warm and welcoming place, even a homebase if you wish. A place to hang your hat when you're not traveling the world.

Concentrate and get your best work done

There's a great in-house coworking space waiting for you. Come for a work retreat or for focusing on that one project.

Participate in a collaborative community

Bring new life to a Spanish Mountain valley and spend time in a community house, coliving and coworking with folk at the same wavelength as you. Volunteer and improve our village!

Invest in an innovative social enterprise

Bring your ideas and skills, share knowledge and develop the project with other members. Use your skills for an in-house micro-business.




Contribute to a Sustainable alternative living solution

Help us being ecological and Be part of an ecologic project, and the living solution for the future: coliving.

Enjoy world cuisine

Home-cooked meals prepared by our Chef Abdul, but if you want to do it by yourself, we obviously can't wait to try your special recipe! We have an awesome well-equiped Kitchen but also an agreement with a Cooking school in a small village near by where we can have workshops or simply have integration dinners.

Spend time in the mountains

Horse Riding, Cycling, Hiking, stargazing, camp in the mountains, or go hunting for mushrooms with our neighbours.

Be close to nature

Forest bathing, bathing in the river, or even just listening to the wind and the birds. And the church bells… You’ll love them.

Immerse yourself in a new language

Learn Spanish little by little by being here. Get to know the culture and the people, have a Chat with Aurelio or “La Tere” like Spencer did.

1 night stay with breakfast costs 55€ per room, which means with timeshare programe you would be saving 2125€.

We are also working together with other
co-living projects and are active in networks with the intention of creating an exchange program, so you can exchange your stay with another coliving location. If you are interested, let me know! I’d love you to be part of our dream.

Organize your agenda to match activities!

Take a look at what you can do


Be part of the "El Refugio - Coworking" community, get in touch with us and we will help you resolve any questions you may have about our services. We will be delighted to help you.

Thank you!

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